“Amazing Vietnames-style sandwiches, duck confit & braised pork!”

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Welcome to Affine

We are a farm to fork company that specializes in locally sourced, whole animal butchery and nose to tail usage with a focus on artisan handmade meat products.  We believe our name says it all,  Affine refers to foods that have aged to develop a complete and full flavor profile.

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Affine food truck is available for your next event. We cater anything from a private parties to wedding receptions.  We will tailor all our menu items to meet your exact needs, venue, clientele , and price range.  Contact us for your next event via our Reach Affine page.

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Our Menu

The Affine Food Truck menu is an extension of our whole animal usage, the seasons, and availability of ingredients.  The menu changes greatly day to day and service to service so please check back often for changes.  A typical lunch menu will include sandwiches while during late nights you can expect Mexican style tacos.

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